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Men's Health Clinic

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Have you noticed a decrease in energy level?

Are you more fatigued during the work day?

Are you less interested in playing golf or fishing?

Do you have a decrease in sexual interests?

Have you gained more belly weight?

Have you noticed any mood changes?

Is your recovery time longer after exercise?

Have you lost muscle mass?

These are just a few symptoms associated with low testosterone. At Body for Life you will receive a

comprehensive evaluation including total testosterone level to verify your need for testosterone replacement

therapy, and a blood test to monitor your prostate health.


In addition to testosterone replacement therapy we offer monthly B-12 injections, Lipotropic weight loss

injections, HCG weight loss diet classes.


Our team of professional healthcare providers offers a friendly environment with a focus on total men’s



Many of these services are covered under most insurance plans. Please contact us to schedule a

Testosterone Evaluation, and get your life back on track.

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Phone: 901-373-3300


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